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In simple terms, an organization’s learning ecosystem comprises its people, technology, and content used for learning, culture, and strategy that exist within the organization. All elements of a learning ecosystem directly or indirectly impact the learning that occurs within the organization.

In the past, the learning ecosystem was very simple: it was made up of students, educators, and content. With the advancement of learning technology and globalization, the learning ecosystem is quite complex, with numerous content options, delivery mechanisms, and the introduction of informal learning. There has already been a major shift from past to present in the learning ecosystem with the introduction of e-learning. Learning has moved from being teacher-centric to content-centric and is evolving to make the learner at the core of learning.

Let’s take a look at the future of the learning ecosystem, which will be based on current trends:

  • Personalization: each individual has their own learning trajectory and capabilities. Content personalization is becoming a trend; however, you need to be much more focused. In the near future, we will experience much more personalization of learning content with a personalized curriculum.
  • Content management: With artificial intelligence and machine learning evolving at an unprecedented rate, content management is changing from manual to automated. Learning management systems are getting smarter and responsive to student interaction.
  • AR and VR: With augmented reality and virtual reality becoming more accessible, educational content will shift towards AR and VR to maximize personalization.
  • Social connection: Human beings are social, so learning must also be social. There is already a significant shift towards social learning and it will only increase in the future.

The learning ecosystem is undoubtedly evolving at a significant rate. Learning is no longer an autonomous student-teacher-content interaction, but much more. It has now evolved into an enriched complex mechanism that has the potential to truly maximize the learning outcome, provided it is properly nurtured and guided. The e-learning industry is sure to play an important role in shaping the learning ecosystem and make it more fruitful, for both individuals and corporations.

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