Currently, Student Success can only extract data from the Google Workspace for Education tools (Docs, Meet, Classroom…) however, we are working towards the integration with other LMS.
No, it is not. Up to date, Student Success can only display the information that comes from a LMS.
Licenses are paid on a yearly basis. If a school needs to reduce the number of licenses, it will have to notify it before the next payment takes place.
Once we close the deal, the Student Success team will meet with the managers of the school to explain what are the next steps to take. The implementation process is relatively fast and easy.
Yes. We can access the activity that has taken place in the Google tools over the last 6 months; this means that once Student Success is implemented it can start to make predictions right away.
The school data is stored in Google Cloud Platform, one of the safest cloud servers in the market. Additionally, we do not share these data with third parties.