Student Success

What is Student Success?

Student Success is a software developed with the purpose of boosting
the productivity of students and teachers in the classroom.

Using data from the different Google Workspace for Education tools
(Docs, Meet, Classroom…) the app displays several graphs with relevant
information for decision making.

Additionally, its Machine Learning and IA algorithms predict the grade a
student will get in the following assignment, helping teachers to identify at-risk students promptly.

Another key functionality of Student Success is engagement measurement, a feature that will play a key role in keeping students and teachers motivated along the school year!

What data analyzes Student Success?

  • Grades of students in the tasks assigned in Classroom.

  • Prediction of the following grades a student is expected to get.

  • Engagement of students and teachers in the Classroom.

  • Percentage of participation of students in a group project.

  • Behavioral patterns of students in the digital environment.

  • To develop instructional intervention programs for at-risk students.

  • To identify the digital content that engages students the most.

  • To evaluate students in a more precise way.

  • To identify best practices among teachers.

How can we use that information?

What does Student Success allow?

Student Success helps the management team, and teachers, to decrease the amount of time needed to complete routinary processes in the institution.

In particular, Student Success allows

The management team…

  • To make decisions based on the evidence provided by data analytics.

  • To make comparisons among different schools, classes, or students in order to design action plans.

  • To evaluate the impact of a specific action (a meeting, an event, a formation course) on the teachers.

Teachers and tutors…

  • To provide evidence about the students’ performance, that can be shown to families.

  • To help students discern their academic future, providing information about their interests and talents.

  • To be more effective in faculty meetings.

If you want to get more information about Student Success, access our video tour in which we show how the app works.



The price of our license varies depending on the number of students enrolled in an institution.

This document will help you calculate how much our software will cost to your school or university.

Are you interested in implementing Student Success in your institution?


Student Success wants to offer the best experience to its users; because of that, we want to hear from you.

If your school has implemented Student Success we want to know how the process has been, what difficulties have you faced over the adoption period, and what functionalities from our app have impacted positively on your teaching.

Contact us through the e-mail:

Future functionalities

Feedback and students’ satisfaction:

Sometimes it is hard to know what students really think about a teacher or the way she teaches a class. However, getting to know this information is crucial for the improvement of existing classes, and the development of new ones.
That is the reason why we are developing this new functionality, which will encourage students to speak freely and anonymously.
Making use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, the teacher will only get to know the sentiment of the comment left by the student, but she will not have access to the comment itself.

Well-being assessment:

We are aware that academic performance is highly affected by factors from the personal life of students. If their physical or mental health is not good, their grades will most likely decrease.
Because of that, we are developing this functionality by which students will have to grade different aspects of their life on a scale 1-5.
Also, they will have the option to leave comments if they need to explain anything more extensively.

New LMS integration:

Currently, Student Success can only extract data from the Google Workspace for Education tools (Docs, Meet, Classroom…).
However, we are aware that not all schools make an extensive use of them; and it is precisely this, which has motivated us to work towards the integration of our software with some other LMS.

This project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Funds with the purpose of promoting innovation and quality research in the field of technology.